‘My stingy friend refuses to pay her share of the bill – so I told her she can’t eat’

The woman, 22, took her problem on social media forum Reddit and explained how her (ex) friend, 23, used to frequently go out for dining, but never paid for her share.

A woman has left the online community shocked after she shared how her friend has never paid her share of the bill when they go out for a meal. The woman, 22, took her problem on social media forum Reddit and explained how her – now ex – friend, 23, used to frequently go out for dining.

But the problem began to start when her friend continuously never brought her wallet. She wrote: “I, 22F [female] and my (ex) friend 23F used to like going out a lot. We would frequently eat in the city and since my family is more upper class and hers are more middle working-class, I end up paying from 75%-100% of the meals we eat.

“At first I didn’t mind paying, but ever since I started to object, she would make snarky comments like ‘What daddy didn’t pay your trust fund?’ or ‘What’s the point of having so much money if you’re not gonna spend it on your friends?’ or ‘You’re so stingy, you know I don’t have as much money as you do’.”

She further explained how her friend use to always pick up fancy and expensive restaurants. She added: “Yet every time we went out she would pick the more expensive and fancy restaurants, and as soon as it’s time to pay, she would be like, ‘oh you’ll cover the bill, right?’ or ‘Sorry I didn’t bring my wallet’.”

But the situation turned around when she asked her friend to pay for her meal or “leave”. She wrote: “It’s just excuse after excuse with her and I’d just get so annoyed that last time we went out to eat, I asked her if she would pay her half, she told me, ‘No, I don’t have enough money’ so I said well then you’re not eating. At first she laughed and we she saw my face, she looked at me like, ‘you’re joking, right?’

“At that point I got so fed up I told her: ‘If you’re not willing to pay your half of the meal then I’m not buying you food, you’re a full grown woman with a bank account, use it.’ And after she heard that, she got angry and we kept arguing so loudly that we got kicked out of the restaurant.

“And to top it all off she had the audacity to demand me to call her an Uber because it was my fault that we got kicked out of the restaurant. Of course I didn’t and left her there. But ever since that night, my friends have been blowing up my phone calling me an asshole for leaving her there at 11pm at night.”

Social media users quickly flocked to the comment section and bashed her friend for the deeds. One person said: “Your friend is a freeloader with her hand constantly out. She is using you and gets angry and verbally abusive if you don’t buy her what she wants. You told her her free ride was over, now back it up and walk away from her. You do not need a friend like this. Please please please stand your ground and don’t let anyone ever treat you like that again, you are worthy of friends who care for you.”

A second user said: “How I dealt with a person like that is the next time we went out I only brought cash, so I could pay for my share. Suddenly, she did have money to pay for her share…”

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