Bloke shares ‘overcooked pizza’ but there’s bigger problem

A man shared a picture of his pizza online, but there were a number of issues with it. From the burn marks to the uncooked ham.

A man shared a snap of his “overcooked pizza” – but people can’t stop looking at something else.

The anonymous bloke shared a picture of his food on Reddit, claiming he’s the “master” of over-cooking things. While it did look rather charred, it wasn’t the only thing that got people talking.

People couldn’t get over that the blackened crust was topped with uncooked ham. That’s right – it was quite the fusion.

The combination has left people totally gobsmacked, as they just couldn’t believe their eyes. If you’re looking for oozing cheesy goodness, you won’t find it here.

Luckily, the bloke didn’t seem to mind. Alongside the picture, he wrote: “I’m the master of overcooked pizza. I should put it on my CV.”

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It got hundreds of people talking, with some claiming it was a “cry for help”. Meanwhile, the ham topping was even compared to paper towels.

One person said: “The wet ham is a nice touch. Chef’s kiss.” Another wrote: “The elephant foreskin really brings it all together.”

A third quipped: “You can’t always solve your problems, but draping ham over them.” Meanwhile, a fourth chirped in with: “The slices look like the bottom of the pizza. And you topped them with Kleenex.”

People really didn’t hold back when it came to making jokes, with one saying it reminded them of their “drinking days”. There was also a lot of discussion as to whether the meat was ham or turkey.

Whatever the answer – it’s certainly left people reeling. It’s probably best we hide the questionable attempt at pizza making away from the Italians.

Im the master of overcooked pizza
byu/Rde_drum inshittyfoodporn

It really seems like there wasn’t one fan of the foodie creation, with another dubbing it the “worst pizza they’d ever seen”. Others hoped the pizza wasn’t made when the man was sober.

One wrote: “This makes my stomach and my heart hurt just looking at it. Another wrote: “I legitimately don’t know where the crust ends and the plate begins.”

A third also wrote: “That would have gone in the trash and I just would have made a turkey or ham or whatever that is sandwich.”

It’s not the first pizza that’s caught people’s attention lately. Just last week social media users were left in shock after a “topless pizza” appeared online.

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