Brit finds bones ‘all over garden’ and gets chilling warning

A British woman was given the shock of her life after she was told the bones discovered ‘all over’ her garden could be that of a human.

A woman has raised concerns after discovering several bones “all over” her garden.

The Brit took to Reddit to detail her find on Thursday (June 13), sharing snaps of the bones in a bid for more information. Another Reddit user claiming to be a pathologist soon responded with a stark warning for the woman.

“Bones I keep finding all over the garden (UK),” she penned in a caption in the r/weird subreddit. “Found at least five of these weird bones in our overgrown medium garden backing onto fields.”

In a seemingly innocent explanation, one Redditor theorised: “I’m pretty sure those are oxtail bones. The people who lived there before you made oxtail soup and gave the bones to their dog afterwards.

“I’m also in the UK and have found quite a lot of deer bones on walks – also two different skulls, fallow deer and muntjac, a hare skull, a hedgehog skull, crow skull and even a bluetit skull, deer leg bones and one fallow antler.”

Bones I keep finding all over the garden (uk)
byu/BeastlyCait inWeird

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“Animal mortician here,” said another. “If I was to go out with my well educated hypothesis, I’d say that this looks like the spinal vertebrae of a Red Fox, AKA, the Vulpus.”

A third offered: “My guess would be the previous tenant’s beloved Corgi that was buried in the back garden in a typically shallow grave.”

And a fourth detailed a similar scenario: “When my family moved to the countryside we used to find large bones all over the property. The previous owner used to train dogs and gave them cow bones to chew. Could be something like that.”

Things soon took a dark turn, however. “Pathologist here,” another user claimed. “These are human. Contact police immediately.”


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    Someone else agreed: “You should call someone no matter what. My dog dug up a child’s femur in the yard of a house I was renting once it was after a storm but two years before that a hurricane had happened the police said it washed out from a grave yard is what they think.

    “They found some other bones and put what was found in a graveyard no way to be sure 100% who the child was I lived on an old military post at the time. People living next to me thought it was animal or something.”

    The ‘pathologist’ later moved to allay fears though, returning to the post to quip: “I am lying through my a**e.”

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