People in stitches after Google Maps driver caught in bridge blunder

A Google Maps Street View car was mapping out a Ottawa, Ontario, when its driver found himself in a spot of bother after coming face-to-face with a low bridge. This article contains affiliate links, we will receive a commission on any sales we generate from it. Learn more

Google Maps’ Street View car found itself in a tight squeeze while navigating the streets of Ottawa, Ontario, leading to a comical mishap that has since gone viral. Despite nearly two decades of mapping the globe, Google’s intrepid explorers aren’t immune to the occasional gaffe.

The incident occurred as the Street View vehicle approached a bridge, seemingly oblivious to the height of its mounted camera equipment. Images show the perplexed driver assessing the situation, pondering whether the car could fit beneath without wreaking havoc.

This amusing blunder was captured and has been doing the rounds on the subreddit r/Googlemapsshenanigans, where it has garnered over 5,000 upvotes from amused Reddit users. Comments poured in, with one user quipping, “The bloopers.”

Another chimed in, jesting, “I was half expecting the video to go black because he drove under the bridge and broke the camera.”

Meanwhile, a third remarked, “Imagine the camera being whacked off of the top and breaking into small chunks behind the moving vehicle.”

‘My mum named me after an 80s song – it’s a pain and embarrassing’
‘Entitled neighbour keeps driving through my garden on way home – so I got even

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byu/JonahF2014 ingooglemapsshenanigans

In a bid to maintain an element of surprise, Google keeps its Street View schedule under wraps, likely to deter attention-seekers from hijacking the spotlight. Nonetheless, they regularly refresh their satellite imagery every one to three years, ensuring the world’s landscapes are kept up to date.

Google Maps, first launched in February 2005 as a new tool to assist people in travelling from one location to another, is now utilised by over a billion users worldwide every month. The service most recently introduced its Live View feature, which enhances navigation for users by clearly overlaying arrows and directions on their maps.


    A statement from Google Maps said: “We launched Google Maps as a useful way to help people get around. “As we’ve added features and capabilities, Google Maps has evolved into much more than a website that gives you turn-by-turn directions. “Today, it’s a gateway to exploring the world-both digitally and in real life, on foot or by car, via public transit or a wheelchair.

    “The world is constantly changing, and so is the way we get around in it. And as it does, Google Maps will be there every step of the way, building new tools that help you navigate, explore and get things done, wherever you are.”

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