Woman removes car part and finds rude message from mechanic

When a woman took the air filter out of her car, she never expected to spot an insulting message that was presumably left by a garage worker.

When a woman got the air filer in her motor taken out, she got the shock of her life. On the car part, she uncovered a rather rude message that had been drawn on.

A picture of the brutal one-liner was shared onto Reddit, where it was captioned: “My fiance’s air filter installed during her service last year…” It was apparent the message: “You are FAT,” had been added to the filter.

The picture went viral on the platform, where it garnered more than 59,000 upvotes and thousands of comments. Some theorised whether it was an insult left by the mechanic or simply a harmless joke carried out by a garage worker.

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One person replied: “Low volt electrician checking in. Can confirm this is the sort of thing you’ll find virtually anywhere semi-hidden from the public. Inside A/C units, duct work above a soft lid ceiling, scribed on the steel pillars of new buildings, on the side of concrete Christy boxes. I, myself, like to draw dumb pictures like stickmen on islands saying ‘Omg you found me! Thank God! I’m saved!’.”

Someone else replied: “My friend does the same thing at his job, only he usually does middle fingers or wangs.” And a third person added: “I have 10 year old car that has had some work done on it over the years. Now I wonder if I’m driving around with secret messages.”

Industry insiders were there to offer their own theories too. They confessed the jokey trick is something done often behind customers’ backs that’s usually not intended to upset anyone. Trending

    In fact, often mechanics leave messages for each other. They may assume the person changing the air filter will work in another garage, so scrawl rude words to jokingly hit back at their rivals.

    A Redditor reassured: “If you aren’t a mechanic, never been a mechanic, or related to a mechanic you would think this is for the customer. I assure you this is not, the mechanic likely never saw who the customer was and if they were to do some passive-aggressive s*** it would be towards the dumb*** service advisors, not the customer. This was clearly intended for the next mechanic to find.”

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