People can’t decide which skyscraper is closer in illusion

When looking at this mind-melting image, can you tell which of the buildings is in the foreground and which is in the background? It’s trickier than it looks.

Sometimes, photos can baffle our eyes. Optical illusions are particularly difficult for us to figure out as they play tricks on our perception.

And that was definitely the case when someone posted a picture of two skyscrapers onto Reddit. The photo was taken from a rather confusing angle – and it made it tricky to see which building was closer to the camera.

Shared on Reddit in the Confusing_Perspective forum, one user wrote: “Which building is closer…” People were definitely confused by the post and rushed to the comments section to figure it out.

So can you work out which of the high rises is closer to the camera? Some may be drawn to the lighter-coloured building on the right and believe it’s the nearest. The details also look slightly clearer to us.

Meanwhile, others could think the grey skyscraper on the left is closer. While the darker shade makes it harder to spot details, the sides do appear to be jutting out.

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Due to the way parts of both buildings appear to be interlinking one another, you could spend all day trying to figure it out. So in a bid to get to the bottom of things, people started debating the matter on Reddit.

One commenter resopnded: “This one is one of the best ones I’ve seen. My first impression was ‘right’ but then I quickly realized it was ‘left’ but even after that the buildings were taking turns popping into the front. I have to look at the right building’s edge where it angles (to the right), which is smaller than the left building’s edge, to sort of force the image to stay still in my head.”

Another user added: “If you look closely the building on the left clearly overlaps the one on the right.” And someone else agreed, reasoning: “Left because of the shadow. The building on the right has a shadow on the right of the image where the building goes around a corner. The sun is up and to the left, which is shining on the side of the building.”

Which building is closer..
byu/Cloverfieldstarlord inconfusing_perspective Trending

    Thankfully though, there is an even easier way around the problem. You’ll need to use the zoom function on your phone or laptop to get a closer look.

    When zooming in, it is possible to see that at the top of the image the building on the left does slightly overlap with the right. This means that the left-hand skyscraper is in the foreground.

    So did you figure it out? Only those with eagle-eyes were likely to get it correct!

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