Horrifying WW3 warning issued by man who predicted Covid pandemic

Mr Salome has also claimed that Earth will be hit by an asteroid that will reignite the space race.

The man who predicted the COVID-19 pandemic has issued a horrifying World War 3 warning.

Brazilian Athos Salome has predicted that this year will see several major milestones in human history including war, a rebellion by robots, and an asteroid colliding with Earth.

Speaking to the Sun he said World War 3 was an “urgent reality”, but that the conflict would not begin in Europe. Instead, he said the war could be triggered by an incident in the South China Sea or by a cyber attack.

He added that any conflicts that did occur “could have a profound impact leading to recessions in several major economies”.

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Mr Salome, who has been referred to as the “Living Nostradamus”, has also predicted that AI will play a larger role in 2024.

He said that this will be the year that AI achieves self-awareness, a milestone that “could lead machines and us down a very perilous path”.

Mr Salome also says an asteroid will collide with the Earth this year, but rather than harm the planet, he claims it could help the world because it will be “abundant with rich materials”.

These materials will lead to the next space race as global superpowers try to get as much of the material as possible.

In the past, Mr Salome has claimed to have predicted the Covid-19 pandemic, the death of Queen Elizabeth II, and Vladimir Putin’s invasion of Ukraine.

Mr Salome’s 2024 predictions came hours before a 7.6 magnitude earthquake struck Japan. Spookily, the original Nostradamus reportedly predicted the earthquake would happen.

The French philosopher is believed to have predicted a natural disaster would happen in this region. 7 News reported that he said there would be a “cataclysmic earthquake prompting a tsunami that will devastate homes and kill hundreds of people”.

So far, the exact details of the destruction in Japan are not known as the authorities responded to the earthquake and began to clear up the destruction.

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In a statement on X/Twitter, Japan’s Prime Minister Fumio Kishida said they were making every effort to assess the damage and save lives.

He wrote: “In response to the earthquake with a maximum seismic intensity of 7 in the Noto region of Ishikawa Prefecture, we immediately set up the Prime Minister’s Office Response Office and recently established the Specific Disaster Countermeasures Headquarters.

“Based on our policy of putting human lives first, we are making every effort to assess the damage situation and implement emergency disaster response measures.

“Everyone in the area, please pay close attention to the latest information and make life-saving actions your top priority.”

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