‘My friend confessed to me her rushed life plans and now I may ditch her as a bridesmaid’

A bride-to-be is pondering whether she should ask one of her bridesmaids to step down from her role.

A future bride has confessed to the internet that the plans shared with her by one of her friends are stressing her out so much she is wondering whether to ditch her as a bridesmaid.

Taking to the social media platform Reddit, a woman who will get married this year said to have been shocked by her friend after she confessed to planning on being pregnant before the nuptials.

The friend and designated bridesmaid told the Redditor she has drafted a plan with her boyfriend that would see them conceiving, getting engaged, tying the knot and becoming parents all within one year.

The bride-to-be wrote in the forum “Am I The A**hole”: “[One of my bridesmaids] reached out and asked if I’d care about her being pregnant at my wedding, to which I was hesitant to respond. It caught me completely off guard as she isn’t married and had barely been with her boyfriend for six months at this time.

“She then goes on to explain to me that her boyfriend is planning to get her pregnant and starts to describe this grand scheme where they’ll fall pregnant, get engaged, marry, and then have a baby (in that order) all in under a year. My initial concern was the timelines and rush on it all as we’ve spoken several times about her plans and this completely contradicts all of them.”

As the timeline of the hoped pregnancy became clearer to the future bride, further concerns arose within her.

Her bridesmaid, the bride-to-be explained, would be “well into her third trimester” by the time the wedding comes, if the plan comes to fruition, and may even prevent the friend from attending the event.

The future bride initially told her friend they should just wait and “see what happens” – a move adopted not to damage their bond.

However, she added: “It’s now been a few weeks and she’s brought it up again saying how her being pregnant will change what she wears and how she acts during the bachelorette trip and talking about having her wedding four months after mine.”

These conversations have now led the future bride to consider whether she should ask her friend to step down from the role of bridesmaid. She confessed: “I love my friend dearly and I truly would never ask anyone to put a pause on their life for the sake of my wedding, but I’m starting to feel like I should ask her to step down.

“With all the things she says she has planned, I don’t see this all playing out well and the mere thought is stressing me out. It’s all making me regret asking her to be in the wedding because I don’t feel like she’d be able to support me the way I’d need her to.”

Among the fellow Reddit users who took to the comment section to share whether they think the future bride is in the wrong, a few pointed out that pregnancies may take months to happen, so the bridesmaid’s plan may not be an issue for the wedding.

Another internet user shared her own experience to provide advice and asked the Redditor what type of bride she thinks she will be. She wrote: “I was a maid of honour 10 days after giving birth. Depends on whether you are an all-about-the-look bride or these-are-my-friends bride.”

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