‘My nephew put ham in my son’s PlayStation 5 – his mum needs to buy a new one’

A mum was left fuming after her sister’s child ruined her son’s PlayStation, and demanded she buy him a new one, or she wouldn’t be having them over at her house again

A mum was left shocked when her nephew ruined her son’s PlayStation 5 by putting ham in it, and now she wants her sister to buy a new one. The woman had bought the game console for her son, but, within hours, her sister’s son had broken the pricey device.

The upset mum demanded that her sister replace the PlayStation after failing to supervise her child at her house. The boy had put a slice of ham into the disc compartment of the 10-year-old’s prized gift. She warned her sister that unless she replaced the PlayStation, they wouldn’t be welcome at her house again.

The woman took to Reddit to vent: “My 10-year-old son got a PlayStation for Christmas. My four-year-old nephew stuck a piece of ham in the disc part and tried to turn it on. He also dropped a controller on the hard floor damaging it very slightly.”

“The PlayStation is okay but I rather my sister buy my son a new one and take this one. My sister said I was being ridiculous and that one is still fine. I told my sister unless she buys it I’m not having them over again.”

A lively debate started in the comments section. Some thought the woman was too hard on her sister, while others felt she should have watched her son more closely.

One person commented: “Sony won’t honour the warranty if something goes wrong in two weeks and they open it up and see ham juice leaked somewhere in there.

“Your sister should have been supervising her child. When my kid was that age, I watched him like a hawk, because four-year-olds do four-year-old things and I knew it was my responsibility to replace anything he damaged.”

The user added: “All of that being said, you shouldn’t be telling your sister the nephew can’t come back until the PS5 is replaced. You should be telling her the nephew can’t come back until she will keep an eye on him enough to ensure he isn’t damaging things in your home.

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    “The kid was unattended long enough to get some ham, take it to the console, get the console open, insert the ham, push some buttons, and then wing a controller. That’s not an accidental spill, that’s your sister ignoring her kid who then voided the warranty on a $500 (£392) console.”

    Another added: “Your sister absolutely deserves to be banished because, one, she let her son damage an expensive gift and, two. your son needs to know that you’ll be there to protect his interests.”

    Another added: “She should either pay for repairs or get a new one”.

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