‘I bought a huge pile of presents for my family – it’s not my fault my son’s wife is poor’

A woman has been scolded by her son after buying ‘too many presents’ – she’s now turned to the Internet for reassurance.

A woman has been left wondering whether she has let her family down after becoming embroiled in a row with her daughter-in-law over Christmas.

The woman, who posted on Reddit to try to calm her anxiety over the situation, explained that she is actually a grandmother, and has fourteen grandchildren, and five children of her own.

When adding to that “everyone’s spouse and all of the older relatives” attended Christmas together, the poster is swamped with the amount of gifts she needs to give.

She explained how many she got for each person – every grandchild receives three presents each – “that’s 42 gifts just for the kids” – while each adult, of which there are 17, get two each.

“So far, that’s 76 – but the fun doesn’t stop there.”

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The poster decided that each pet needs a present too – “I got 9 gifts in total for the pets in the family”. She explained: “As you can see there are a ton of gifts and I start shopping for everyone at basically the start of the new year”.

However, she revealed her plan wasn’t foolproof as she has been left with an issue ith one of her daughters-in-law. Describing the drama, she said: “The whole night she kept going on about not being able to get many presents for their two kids. At the adult table she started ranting about how I made her look bad to her kids.”

While the daughter’s husband – the poster’s child – attempted to make things stop, the daughter-in-law then replied saying: “someone has to tell this b***h”. At this stage the poster told the daughter-in-law that “her being poor is not my problem”. The poster’s son now wants his mother to apologise to his wife.

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    Despite the situation being highly contentious, the comments were pretty unanimous in support of the Reddit poster. One person advised her to “continue buying gifts for your grandchildren, but tell your son you will respect his wife and cease buying gifts for him and her”.

    Another said she was “not the a******e” and that it was unbelievable that the grandmother could get called a “b***h” at her own dinner table, while another said she should give a firm non-apology and say the daughter-in-law is not welcome back until she has apologised herself.

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