‘I forgot one of my 22-year-old son’s Christmas presents – he threw a hissy fit’

The mum faced a tantrum after forgetting one of her son’s gifts, but commenters were divided on who was to blame for the chaos.

A mum has taken to Reddit to ask whether she was wrong after forgetting to buy one of her 22-year-old’s Christmas presents, saying she feels “terrible about it”.

She recounted: “My husband and I have one son, 22 years old, who asked for sports cards for Christmas. We bought several other things but forgot the cards, the one and only thing he asked for.”

According to the user, her son refused to accept her offer to order the coveted gift immediately.

She shared: “We felt terrible about it and offered to order them right away. He got very angry with us for forgetting and said he didn’t want them now.”

In her attempt to reconcile the situation, she said: “I tried to remind him that there are other things we do for him out of love and wanting to make life easier for him and forgetting the cards didn’t mean we love him.”

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Fellow Redditors were at odds on whether her son’s reaction was appropriate, with some pointing out her son’s age.

One said: “Who throws a tantrum for a gift that he should be buying for himself? If my son ever acts this way when he’s 22, he’s going to have a rude awakening.”

Meanwhile, another added: “Your son is an adult. He’s lucky he receives more than a box of socks. Tell him to grow the f*** up and if he wants to spend Christmas at home next year, he needs to start improving his attitude now.”

Others spoke out to defend the son, criticising the mother.

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One comment read: “You’ve basically told him you don’t care about who he is. You don’t even care enough to listen.”

Another said: “It was the ONE thing he asked for, why wasn’t it the first thing you got him? It’s not about the cards. It’s that you can’t listen to his one and only request.”

Some even went as far as to criticise the mother’s parenting, claiming this was to blame for her son’s ungrateful reaction.

According to one user she was in the wrong “for raising someone that at the age of 22 thinks they’re entitled to anything they did not earn”.

Another chimed in saying the mum was to blame “or spoiling him and putting up with his BS”.

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