Try this optical illusion to see if you crave adventure or stability in life

The internet has been left speculating whether this optical illusion has revealed people’s true personalities.

An optical illusion to test whether you crave stability or are an adventurous type has left the internet stunned.

Content creator, @mia_yilin, shared the optical illusion on her TikTok platform where she has over 460,000 followers.

She claims people can see two images in the picture, with answers revealing people either “crave stability” or “seek out new experiences.

Mia Yilin said: “If you first saw the lady in the dress, then you are an adventurous soul. You thrive in excitement and love trying new things. Routine bores you and you often find yourself seeking out new experiences to keep life interesting.”

The TikTok creator then explained some people see the outline of a face in the picture.

She added: “If you first saw the face, then you value stability and tradition. You find comfort in routine and prefer to stick to what you know. You love making lists and keeping a busy schedule and it annoys you deeply when someone or something disrupts your plans.”

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    Mia Yilin has become famous for her interpretations of different optical illusions. Users have flooded the platform to share if they agree with her opinions on the illustrations, which reveal personality quirks.

    One user wrote: “I saw the face, and your analysis is accurate. I don’t know how you do it.” User, ThunderWolf added: “I’m convinced that you’re an indirect fortune teller.”

    Engaging in a brainteaser puzzle or optical illusion can be a thrilling way to put your cognitive abilities to the test, especially when you coax family members into joining the fun.

    Optical illusions have long fascinated individuals, prompting the question of whether they can genuinely reveal something about the person experiencing them.

    You can visit the puzzle page to try out festive-themed optical illusions, including trying to find hidden candy canes.

    There’s also this puzzle, which tests the strength of people’s IQs by asking them to spot festive words.

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