‘My dead mum’s ex is still living in her home – now he has a new partner’

An internet user has asked whether they would be entitled to kick their stepfather out of the home he part-owned with their now-dead mother.

A stepfather whose wife died in 2022 is still living in her home and has recently welcomed a new partner just a year after his ex died, their stepchild has complained.

A Mumsnet user has told how they lost their mother last year to an aggressive form of cancer, leaving her family navigating her “relatively quick” passing.

Posting on the website, they said that, before she passed, their mother and stepfather – who had married their mother in 2018 – had bought a house together.

They had paid an 80 percent to 20 percent split, respectively, and the larger share was passed onto the Mumsnet user and their two siblings.

But, despite retaining the minority investment in the property, they complained that their stepfather had moved on just a year after their mother died.

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They told how they and their siblings maintained “generally cordial relations” with their stepfather and met with him over Christmas this year when they noticed his “wedding ring was off” and “several photographs of mum had been taken down”.

The stepfather later confessed he “had been seeing a new woman for a number of months”, leaving both the original poster and their brother disappointed as he had “gone on about how mum was his soulmate”.

They added that they felt their mother “would’ve been quite upset at how quickly (in the grand scheme of things) this had all come about”.

The poster asked their fellow Mumsnet users whether they were being unreasonable and if they would be right to “take the house back and sell”.

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They asked: “AIBU to now think that if SF has moved on with his life to the extent he is comfortable enough to take off his wedding ring and meet a new woman, that it is time we take back the house and sell?”

The question sparked a war in the comments section, with users divided as to whether they would be right to eject their stepfather from their late mother’s home.

One responding commenter said they had been “very reasonable” to wait for him to grieve and that he had “obviously moved on now”.


    But another added that asking someone to leave the house and live with the “new woman in his life” seemed “a harsh thing to do”.

    Others were insistent that they look at the will, with one user saying they “clearly don’t like him”, and that this is “clouding your view”.

    Another added: “He’s entitled to move on. I’d want a plan for selling the house, but I’d take the will to a solicitor to see where you stand.”

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