‘I didn’t give up my plane set for pregnant lady on 12-hour flight’

A man has been left riddled with guilt after refusing to give up his plane seat for a pregnant woman – but people have assured him he was in the right

A man has confessed to feeling guilty after he refused to give up his plane seat for a pregnant woman – but strangers are rallying behind him.

The 28-year-old was on a gruelling 12-hour flight from New York to Hawaii and had shelled out an extra £200 and points to secure a ‘comfort seat’ for the journey.

But his peace was disrupted when a pregnant woman, struggling with her condition, approached him for his seat, as he recounted on Reddit: “About 15 minutes before takeoff, a visibly pregnant woman was walking up and down towards the front of the plane.

“She and a flight attendant looked around for a moment, talked a bit, and then the lady approached me asking if I would be willing to switch seats with her due to her condition. I politely declined. I explained that I had specifically booked this seat because I’m pretty long (I’m 6’4 tall) and that I needed the extra comfort and space.”

Despite the flight attendant’s understanding and other passengers also refusing the woman’s request, the man was left wrestling with guilt, wondering if he had made the right choice.

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The man explained: “If I agreed they would have reimbursed me for the extra cost via a voucher so that my ticket would’ve been the cost of the normal economy ticket. I’m not certain if the pregnant lady would’ve had to pay extra to switch with me because I just politely declined a few times and we didn’t get into that level of detail.”

He added: “The pregnant lady then told me, ‘You wouldn’t understand what it feels like to be a woman carrying a baby in this summer heat’, got upset, and eventually had to return to her seat in the back. Throughout the flight, I felt awkward passing by her every time on the way to the bathroom. When I landed, I couldn’t help but feel guilty.”

He contemplated: “I’m a young man without the burden of carrying a child in me and totally could’ve sacrificed a bit.. and wondered if I had been wrong to prioritize my comfort over someone who might have needed it more.”

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The issue sparked various reactions online with the majority stating he had every right to remain in his pre-booked seat while others suggested the pregnant woman ought to have prepared accordingly knowing she’d be uncomfortable in a standard seat.

In response to the post, one user stated: “She had the option of purchasing a more comfortable seat. Unless Delta was willing to compensate you for the seat-swap I would not expect you to just ‘gift’ her your seat. I had done seat swaps before and United always took care of me. I pay extra for the better seats and do not want to be crunched into some cubbyhole for twelve hours.”

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    Another added: “You paid for that seat, and she paid for hers. She could have booked a different class if she wanted to. Most likely she knew she would be this pregnant when she booked the flight. It is unfortunate the situation she is in, truly, but unless a medical emergency were happening I’m not sure why you would be expected to give up your seat.”

    A third advised: “Many a pregnant woman has survived economy class. If she had wanted the extra space, she also could have paid for it like you did. The other people could have also switched. But didn’t. This isn’t on you.”

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