You’re applying plasters wrong – correct method is easy

It’s easy to cut your finger every now and then, but it’s not so easy to keep a plaster on. Perhaps it’s something to do with how you apply it.

We all have to use a plaster now and then.

From paper cuts to mishaps in the kitchen – it’s easy to catch your finger on something sharp when you least expect it. But, sometimes, applying a plaster to cover a wound is tricky.

This is because they don’t always fit, or can easily come off when not stuck down properly. But pesky plaster issues could actually be linked to how you’re applying them.

Little you may know, you’ve probably been putting plasters on in the wrong way for years, as there’s a simple method that ensures they go on perfectly, and also stay in place.

Rachel Madell drew people’s attention to the clever life hack on TikTok, and it’s blown their minds. The trick is completely game changing.

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In the clip, Rachel takes a standard plaster and cuts it with a scissors either side. She simply makes two incisions down to the middle of the plaster, avoiding cutting any of the white, spongy part.

She then removes the paper covering and places it onto her finger, but she doesn’t wrap it around. Instead, she uses the sliced sections to create a criss-cross on her finger, and it works a dream.

As well as holding the plaster firmly in place, Rachel also manages to achieve more coverage. There’s no excess plaster sticking out over the top, which often happens when you apply one in a hurry.

This method is simple, fuss-free and does the job right. It’s hard to believe so many people didn’t know about it before.

Since she shared the trick online, people have been left mindblown, and are keen to try it out.

@rachelmadell Plaster Life Hack #simplelifehack #fingerplaster #howamijustfindingout #asimplerlife #goodtoknowtips #lovinglifewithtimefreedom ♬ Acoustic guitar live performance Gentle and nimble in nature(1007339) – Melonest

While some thanked her for sharing the tip, others were keen to give it a whirl. One person said: “I saved this video earlier today just in case I needed it some day. Thank you.”

Even though she’s impressed many people with her knowledge, it appears even Rachel was slow with picking up the hack though. Over the video, she wrote: “What would I do without the internet?”

We all learn something new every day – and this could just be another one of those moments!

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