‘I found out my neighbours have been using my pool – I’m livid’

A woman shared her shock after discovering her neighbours have been using her pool for years without her knowledge – and she’s not sure how to confront them.

This woman has learned not to trust your neighbours, the hard way.

If you happen to be lucky enough to own a house with a pool, or a garden with enough space to put a temporary one up over the summer, you’ll probably know what it’s like to be asked by all your friends and family if they can come and use it. And while you might be willing to let people you know take a dip, what about your neighbours?

That’s the issue one woman from the US is facing, after learning the hard way that having something your neighbours want can quickly make you the talk of the street – and can make people around you start acting suspiciously.

She recently revealed her neighbours’ secret which she stumbled upon due to this summer’s unexpected weather patterns and health issues within her family, which meant she didn’t go away for the 4th of July like she normally would.

In a Reddit post, the woman explained that she and her husband are lucky enough to own a house with a swimming pool on their property. During the warm seasons from May to October, they host gatherings for friends and family members, but they have never extended an invite to any of their neighbours.

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This year, circumstances have changed significantly as weather unpredictability and health problems struck the family. These situations led to the couple staying at home all summer long, and consequently, unable to open up their pool. This year they couldn’t take their usual annual summer break at their “family lake house”.

Suspicions were raised over her neighbours when one neighbour’s child innocently enquired about their pool opening schedule for this summer season. To the woman’s bewilderment, when she told the young girl that they might not open their pool this year, she began sobbing.

The woman was shocked to discover from another neighbour that the family living next door had been sneaking into her garden and using her pool without her knowledge.

Our neighbors have been having pool parties at our pool while we are not home for years.
byu/Robyn_withaY inEntitledPeople

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She revealed: “Apparently our neighbours on the right have been having a small family party at our pool every 4th of July when we are gone. They have always cleaned up really well afterwards and because we have scheduled pool maintenance and weekly yard service occasionally things are moved around in our yard and we never thought much about it.”

“The neighbour on the left thought we had given the other neighbours permission to use our pool. We did give them permission to retrieve any balls or toys that ended up in our yard, but never permission to use our pool especially when we are not at home.”

The couple now plan to install cameras in their garden to catch the neighbours red-handed, although the woman is unsure whether to confront them directly.


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    One commenter advised her: “You need to put up ‘no trespassing’ signs, tell your neighbours they are not allowed on your property without explicit permission and change the lock to the gate. Now that you know, you are on notice and could be held liable if they are injured visiting your pool.”

    Another chimed in with a stark warning: “That’s a huge liability for you if ever anything bad happened. I think you really need to have a talk with the neighbours as well as move forward with the cameras and such you plan to do.”

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