Pepperoni pasta bake leaves Brits in stitches as Italians ‘outraged’

Many of us can’t get enough of Italian food, but this unusual combination of pasta and pepperoni has people wondering which region the dish comes from.

We all love Italian food, with pizza and pasta ranking highly among Brits’ favourite dishes.

However, some Tesco patrons believe the supermarket has ‘disgraced’ the nation’s celebrated cuisine with a ready meal claiming to be a “taste of Italy”, despite its unconventional nature.

The pepperoni pasta bake has been blasted on Reddit where users questioned: “What region of Italy is this taste from?”

And while UK residents were tickled, some Italians were less pleased. One poster said: “I asked my Italian friend and he just shouted at me in Italian then hung up on me. So I’m none the wiser and still unable to offer any assistance.”

Another suggested: “The one where all the grandmothers have grown wheels and turned into bikes.”

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Meanwhile a third chimed in: “Little Italy in Birmingham.” One more joked: “The one where they’d punch you in the face for serving them that.”

Among Tesco’s varied selection of ready meals, customers experience an array of global cuisine, including Italian, Indian, Chinese, and traditional British dishes like bangers and mash.

Those with specific dietary requirements can select from vegetarian, vegan, calorie-controlled and gluten-free options.

What region of Italy is this taste from?
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    According to the retailer’s website, the pepperoni pasta bake is available in two sizes 400g or 750g, priced at £3.25 and £4.25 respectively. Clubcard holders can bag the 400g dish along with two other items for a mere £7.50, while the larger 750g portion is a steal at just £3 with the card.

    The Express has reached out to Tesco for further details.

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