‘I’m a wedding DJ – this is the one song we hate playing’

Wedding DJs come forward and share the weird song requests they have got during the ceremonies.

A wedding DJ has revealed the one song that is the most hated when playing during a couple’s special day. The DJ who has worked in clubs mostly shared his experience on Reddit after he worked at a wedding for the first time.

The user said: “Lots of times, I’m thrown into a position when I have to play something I don’t agree with. When I’m really embarrassed, I’ll hop on the mic and announce the song is a request before playing it.”

The one song that is the most hated is ‘Cha Cha Slide’ by DJ Kasper.

The famous song was released as a single in August 2000 and spent five weeks on the Billboard Hot 100 chart, peaking at number 83.

Despite being released nearly two decades ago, the song has remained a firm favourite at birthday parties and school and wedding discos.

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First released in 2000, DJ Kasper created a second version after the song grew in popularity.

The track, also known as Casper Slide Part 2, became an international success.

He once noted how he had created the original as an aerobic exercise for his nephew.

The other songs that are overplayed and not appreciated by DJs include “‘Drunk in Love’ by Beyoncé. Hard no.”, “Who Let the Dogs Out” among other.

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    Many other DJs popped in and shared their experiences.

    One user said: “I had a client ask for the worst song ever called ‘Breakfast at Tiffany’s’ by Deep Blue Something during the cocktail hour. I ‘forgot’ to add it, and no one noticed. LOL.”

    Another said: “”I refused to play Cher’s ‘Believe’ at a wedding once (it was the right call) and ended a friendship over it. It was still the right call.”

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