Only those with 20/20 vision can find five hidden fruits within 62 seconds

A new brain teaser is challenging the nation to find five hidden fruits in a busy market scene – but only those with “eagle eyes” will be able to spot them all.

Only those with ‘eagle eyes’ can spot five hidden fruits within 62 seconds. This brain teaser requires serious concentration, as you need to find not one, but five fruits within 62 seconds – and they are seriously camouflaged.

This task might sound simple. One whole minute is plenty of time to find five fruits, right? Well, maybe wait until you’ve given it a go before you start bragging about your abilities.

Because apparently only “eagle-eyed people” can spot the sneaky hidden fruits, which are scattered throughout this busy market scene. And that’s the thing – the business of the image is designed to distract you from what you’re trying to find.

The puzzle, which was created by HAYPP, who were inspired to create the “brain-racking puzzle” because of the warm weather which is hopefully on its way to us.


    The creators explained: “Five different fruits have been hidden amongst a busy market scene and spotting them is presenting a challenge even to the most avid puzzle lovers.”

    Apparently, it takes people 62 seconds on average to find the five fruits, but several have given up on finding them altogether. So if you manage to spot them quicker than that, you’re a real puzzle master.

    So set a timer and see how long it takes you to spot them. And when you’re ready, continue reading so you can see the locations of all the hidden fruit.

    This is your spoiler warning.

    This image is brimming with details, so you’ll need to concentrate to filter out the distractions. You’ll spot one fruit perched atop the ‘local market’ sign and another concealed behind a yellow shopping bag.

    Two fruits are nestled on the flower stand, and one is tucked away in a basket of baked goods.

    Congratulations if you managed to locate them all! Fancy another challenge? You can find a series of brain teasers linked below.

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