I’m disabled and my neighbour wouldn’t stop parking in my spot – so I got ultimate revenge

The neighbour said they got another neighbour to help them so they could execute his revenge on the motorist.

A disabled man got revenge on his entitled neighbour when they wouldn’t stop parking in his spot.

The user told the social media platform Reddit that the incident began when the neighbour kept parking in a spot that was meant only for the disabled person.

After repeatedly refusing to move his car, the disabled resident decided to take action and send a message to the entitled driver. With the help of another resident, they came up with a devious plan that acted as a catalyst for the driver to never park in the space again.

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They wrote: “When I was a kid I read books about practical jokes like putting double-sided tape on the toilet seat or baby powder inside a powdered doughnut. This book brought me hours of joy by pranking my friends and my well-deserved entitled mother.

“While thinking of my plan, one of those jokes came to mind. So I went shopping to find what I needed. A roll of industrial-strength double-sided tape and a huge roll of bubble wrap (the ones with the really big bubbles).

“Now all I had to do was wait until he left his car parked in my spot overnight which didn’t take long. I asked another neighbour if he’d like to be my partner in crime, and as soon as I told her what I was planning, she was all in.

“There are lights outside the unit complex at night so we could see what we were doing but they aren’t bright enough to expose us. In the cover of moonlight, we put double-sided tape all over the back tires of his car and proceeded to stick the bubble wrap in multiple layers on the back of each wheel.”

The neighbour added: “We wedged even more bubble wrap between the back of the front wheels and the car so that when he reversed his car, there would be even more bubble wrap he’d be driving over.

“The back bumper of his car was hiding most of the bubble wrap so it was very unlikely that he would notice anything out of the ordinary. I have surveillance cameras outside of my unit with a large monitor inside and one of the cameras points directly at the car park so I had a direct view of his car.

“The next day I kept an eye out for him, and sure enough, around noon I saw him walking to his car. Brilliant! He started his car and as he reversed out of my car space, there was the loudest and most deafening banging sound I’ve ever heard.

“The noise was so loud that I could hear it clear as day from inside my unit. I heard him scream and saw him duck down as if the sound of gunfire was real. It took him a few minutes to get out of his car to investigate what made the noise and when he did, all I could hear was him shouting inaudible sentences with multiple swear words thrown in for good measure.”

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When the man asked who had touched his car, the neighbour said he had no idea.

In the post, he said: “I’m in a wheelchair and couldn’t possibly be capable of doing such a horrible thing. He spent the next few hours trying to get the bubble wrap off his tires, and remember when I said the tape was industrial strength? I’d gone out of my way to find the tape that would NOT come off easily.

“Eventually he got it off but for the next few days, his car made that sound like when you get chewing gum stuck under your shoe. He never parked in my car space again.”

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