My neighbour kept complaining about my Christmas decorations so I got brutal revenge

A woman has spoken of a harrowing neighbour experience which ended in some hilarious pranks carried out by her husband.

A woman has revealed how she gained petty revenge on a neighbour in a riveting story online. Describing how she “defeated the neighbour from hell”, the poster explained that she and her husband ticked off various sneaky methods to get him to leave – although some might be viewed as immoral.

She described how their next door neighbour was “an old retiree with nothing better to do than be a pain in everyone’s necks”. Citing examples of his annoying behaviour, she said the man would complain to the “county government” any time a property had “too many junk cars”, someone was “too loud”, or a barn was built without the proper permits.

Despite these not seeming like too extreme examples, the poster said the old man, named Bob, was “such a Karen” that he was apparently “chased” out of two previous villages that he lived in. The poster said that her and her husband’s house was “much more modest” than his and that “he had wanted to buy our property”, before adding: “Bob really didn’t like us”.

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She explained that their house required a lot of doing up, and that they got “regular” calls from the permitting office with their neighbour ringing them up to check all was ok. It was at this moment that the poster’s husband and father-in-law decided to start winding the neighbour up.

They would chat in earshot of him, saying things like “I can’t wait to put up this second storey on the house”, and “this pool will be so nice”. Police started showing up at their doorstep – which the poster presumed after the neighbour reported them – to ask about these developments, to which they’d reply: “I have no idea what you’re talking about”.

Their wind ups would continue, but the police visits gradually fizzled out as they realised nothing was ever coming of them. Once that happened, they notched it up a level. A pig was bought, as was a rooster – something which Bob “really, really didn’t like”.

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    The ultimate wind up came when they left their Christmas decorations up until March, something which “raised that man’s blood pressure”. Upon realising that, the pair decided to “leave them up all year long”. The poster explained that one day Bob “finally had enough”, and they waved him goodbye as he drove off in a truck full of his possessions. She concluded the post with “miserable old coot”.

    Fellow Reddit users were supportive of the drama, with one saying “Haha! Good job”, while another said: “Gold star for you”. Let us know in the comments what you thought of the ordeal.

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