‘I read my wife’s journal and was blown away’

The wife’s unspoke love life secrets have left the husband a little “hurt”.

A husband was left in a tricky situation after he read his wife’s journal that spoke about her past relationship. The husband shared his feelings on a social media forum, Reddit, where he explained how he can’t get all the details out of his mind.

The social media user stated that he has been married to his wife for over 10 years and they share a healthy relationship. It all started when she was journaling one night and left the journal after going to sleep.

Out of curiosity, the social media user flipped through the pages and was left blown away after reading the love secrets of his wife.

He wrote: “Curiosity got the best of this cat. Now I am haunted by what I have read. It was pretty clear that our first night together was definitely a rebound and that she was still very much into this guy.

“She even writes that the night was fun but she doesn’t want to date me in case XX (the guy) wanted to be with her. I read some earlier posts and they just got worse she had details of their sexual encounters even saying he was the best s** she ever had.”

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The wife’s journal left the husband a little “hurt” as he was disappointed that his wife did not write much about him.

He continued: “This hurt a little because early in our relationship she told me I was the first guy who actually made her orgasm. She’s bisexual and was 19 when we first met so I actually believed her. (I know I’m an idiot).

“Reading through the journals after we started seeing each other I realised she never wrote anything about s** with me.”

The husband then claimed that he couldn’t get the “images out of his head”.

“I am really happy and love her with everything I am but can’t shake the feeling that I was her fallback or “safe” option.

“I know this was 10 years ago and we have grown and gone through so much together, but that doesn’t make it hurt any less.”

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