‘Nosy neighbours won’t leave me alone – I can’t sit in my own garden’

A social media user was left shocked to discover the neighbours closely watching.

One homeowner has been left at their wits’ end due to nosy neighbours that mean they can’t sit out in their garden. The person wrote a post on Reddit where the “chatty” neighbours have crossed the social etiquette lines.

The person wrote: “My neighbours are nice old people who’ve been welcoming. Initially, they were really chatty and I brushed it off. We’re new, they’re being friendly, that’s fine.

“Well over a year later and it’s constant. If I’m in my yard they come out and make comments ‘oh wow look at that’.

“Or ask me questions about what I’m doing, why I’m doing this, where I’m getting supplies to do it.

“Not a huge deal but it’s about every single thing I do so it’s tiring after a while. I feel like they are monitoring me and it’s weird.”

But things turned weird when one day the neighbours were “silently watching” the social media user.

The person added: “And then today comes around. I noticed they were not outside so I jumped out to start some yard work. 30 minutes pass and I suddenly hear one of them.

“I looked up to see they had not only come outside but pulled up their chairs to my fence and were silently watching me. They even said, ‘Hi, we are just watching you work!’

“This is f****** weird and I do not like this. I immediately stopped and went inside, but I hate feeling like I can’t be in my own backyard. Any advice is appreciated.”

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The online community came out in support of the social media user and shared ways to politely communicate with the neighbours.

One person suggested: “Put up a fence? Or plant some tall privacy bushes?”

Another one said: “You have to be direct. Tell them it makes you uncomfortable when people watch you. Tell them you don’t want a conversation every time you go outside.

“They honestly should know this but they are apparently lacking self awareness and empathy.”

A third user suggested: “Get a loud speaker and sit next to your fence turn it on uncomfortably loud to them.”

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