Only those with a high IQ can spot the horses’s rider in 8 seconds or less

The horse’s rider is disguised somewhere 99 percent of people would not immediately guess.

Only high-IQ puzzlers can spot the hidden rider in a seemingly simplistic drawing of a horse within a tiny time limit, its makers have determined. A scribbled sketch shows an idyllic scene with a horse in the foreground grazing on a potted plant.

The animal is clearly fitted for a rider, with a pair of reins slotted around its head and a saddle on its back.

But it is riderless, with only one other figure visibly standing in the dark doorway of the nearby windmill in the background.

That dark figure is not the rider, however, who is carefully concealed elsewhere in the picture.

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The picture’s scribbled style and lack of colour cleverly disguise the figure, making it difficult to pick them out.

Britons well-versed in puzzling can add a dimension to the already difficult challenge by adding an eight-second time limit. Those who successfully find the rider within that tiny time limit can claim new confidence in their intelligence.

Puzzles and illusions like this have long been used as a measure of IQ, but they are by no means a hard-and-fast determiner of intelligence, of which there are several types.

Have you managed to work it out? Scroll down for the answer…

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Finding the answer will require some three-dimensional thinking, as the rider is only visible when the picture is turned on its side.

Tilting the picture anti-clockwise will reveal the rider etched into the horse’s body.

Next to the horse’s front legs is a mouth, an eye and nose can be seen in the saddle, and the animal’s rear end appears like the face’s forehead.

People who manage to tweak that trick in just eight seconds can truly claim to have a high IQ.

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