‘I refused to give up my extra seat on a flight for toddler – I’m fat and need it more’

An aeroplane passenger has sparked fury after admitting she didn’t let a baby sit in a spare seat for one key reason – although most people agree with her.

A plane passenger who refused to give up her seat on a flight has questioned whether she was in the wrong after a dramatic flight which involved arguments and plenty of “dirty looks and passive aggressive remarks”. The 34-year-old woman was blasted by a fellow flyer for not budging up to allow a one-year-old baby to sit in the ‘spare’ seat – despite the fact she had paid for two seats for one key reason.

Posting on Reddit, she questioned whether she was the “a***hole” after the in-flight drama. Admitting she was “obese”, the poster explained she bought two seats next to each other “so everyone can be more comfortable”.

Sadly for her though, she seemed to come to the conclusion that “apparently fat people have to get another seat to fly, but they also have to give up that extra seat for someone else’s child if they want it. Shaking my head…”.

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Describing what went down, she said that “everything went smoothly from checking in to security and boarding… at least at first”. The trouble started when “this woman comes to my row [and tells] me to squeeze into one seat so her son could sit in the other”.

An important part of the story comes next, as the poster explained that “she told me, not asked”. In response, the poster said to the mum: “no, I paid for this seat for the extra space”.

It was at this point that it all started to kick off. The mum “made a big fuss over it, which got the flight attendant’s attention”, before accusing the poster of “stealing the seat from her son”. In a legendary response, the poster whipped out her boarding passes, “proving that I, in fact, paid for the extra seat”.

Despite this, the flight attendant asked the fatty if she would “try to squeeze in”, which was met with a defiant “no”. In the end, the little boy had to sit on the mum’s lap the entire flight, prompting “dirty looks and passive aggressive remarks” for the entire flight.

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The poster admitted a slight guilt, given the boy “looked hard to control”. Nevertheless, the comment section was strongly on the poster’s side.

“Not the a***hole” was the conclusion of one Reddit nerd, who explained: “You paid for the seat, it’s yours”, before urging the poster to email the airline to “remind their flight attendants to enforce the seat policy.”

Another commenter posted an essay entitled “absolutely 100 percent not the a***hole”. Their forensic analysis pointed out that “the same dirty looks and comments” would have happened had she only bought one seat and bulged onto her neighbours’ laps.

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