Man hailed a hero for getting sweet revenge on BMW owning noisy neighbour

A man grew fed up after his BMW-owning neighbour kept hosting noisy late-night parties so he decided to plot his revenge.

A man has been hailed a hero for getting sweet revenge on his BMW-owning noisy neighbour.

Posting on the social media platform Reddit, the man described how he got revenge on his neighbour who “regularly” hosts loud parties late at night.

The fed up man decided to plot a hilarious prank on the man next door by dropping the top down on his brand-new BMW convertible using a spare key. Overnight, the area was hit by an intense rain storm which drenched the inside of his neighbour’s car.

Several Reddit users were delighted with the revenge and praised the user for his clever use of the spare key.

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The man wrote: “The backstory is they regularly party until 2am Sunday through Monday, their guests park their cars awkwardly on the road so it’s difficult to manoeuvre around them and they let their dogs crap on the community gardens without picking up. Annoying, but not a hill to die on.

“I also suspect that the dad is an alcoholic as I see him staggering up his drive most evenings. Recently he bought a BMW convertible. I have a ring camera that picks up a part of their drive (both film and sound). I can tell it’s his pride and joy by the way he throws out the stats on it when showing it off to visitors.

“Last night I went outside to take my bin to the end of the drive (ready for next day collection) and saw a key fob on the floor at the end of our drive next to the neighbour’s bin. I glanced up at his drive and saw the car top was down.

“So I just nudged the fob under his bin with my foot and went back inside my home. I went on my ring to see that the man had driven up his drive, struggled to get out of his car, dragged the bin to the bottom of his drive, and then swaggered back, obviously drunk.

“He must’ve dropped his keys in the process. I chuckled and went to bed. Last night it rained. Hard. I left the house before the neighbour was outside, I can’t wait to check my ring camera footage later.”

The man later said he still had the second key in his possession and wasn’t sure what he was going to do with it.

He added: “I have the key, not sure what I’m going to do with it yet, but I know I’m not going anywhere near them in the mood they were in.

“I was just going to throw the keys onto their drive so they could find them another day, but last night they had another family gathering and didn’t turn the music off until 4am.

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“I watched the other neighbours knocking on their door, the cops called and then when everyone went away, they cranked the music back up. So now I’m going to wait until the next time he comes home drunk and it’s rainy night and I’m going to drop the top down using the fob.”

Underneath the post, fellow users commented both on the devious nature of the plan and similar incidents that happened in their area. One person wrote: “You can tell these folks live in a nice area, a buddy of mine hosted a party that went on a little too long in a dodgy area of Liverpool once and people put fireworks through his letterbox lol.”

Another person said: “If you want really petty, hide inside your house with the key fob and when he is trying to get into or out of the car keep pressing the lock button so he is stuck and thinks the car locks are malfunctioning. Just don’t laugh too loud.”

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