Putin’s ‘flammable’ war machine hilariously mocked for looking like Dumb and Dumber car

Vladimir Putin can count the tassel-camouflaged Bukhanka among his fearsome fleet of military vehicles – though some think it looks more suited to Hollywood comedy.

A frontline Russian military vehicle is being mocked on social media – with users comparing it to the Mutt Cutts van from 1994 Hollywood comedy Dumb and Dumber.

An image of the Bukhanka – a four-wheel drive off-road van – was shared on X (formerly Twitter) by Rob Lee, a senior fellow at the Foreign Policy Research Institute in the US.

And this particular Bukhanka has an extra feature: tassel-camouflage to throw off enemies using UAV.

Instead of hiding it, the additions have made it more noticeable online, drawing comparisons to the Ford Econoline from the Jim Carey-led blockbuster.

The Bukhanka, real name UAZ-452, is named based on its likeness to the shape of a loaf of bread. Bukhanka translates to ‘loaf’.

Russian Bukhanka with a camouflage counter-UAV roof screen. https://t.co/reV2hfdXgN pic.twitter.com/4tJe2MjluS

— Rob Lee (@RALee85) December 17, 2023

After this comparison was pointed out, Lee admitted: “That’s what I thought of as well.”

Another mocking comment said: “Russian cars’ evolution: from a Scooby Doo van to a Chewbacca mobile.”

While a third joked that the bizarre vehicle “looks pretty flammable”.

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    In Dumb and Dumber, the Mutt Cutts resembles a massive dog on wheels – the brainchild of Jeff Daniels’s character Harry Dunne, who spends his life savings converting the van into a mobile grooming business.

    In November, an online clip showed a helpless Bukhanka being chased down by a Ukrainian drone on the battlefield.

    Despite the best efforts of an armed passenger in the van, the drone caught up with them – and blew the vehicle up.

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