‘I refused to let a mum sit in an empty plane seat – I wanted it left free for a reason’

The woman reserved the seat next to hers to have more room, but she was surprised when a mother demanded that she give it up for her teenage daughter. However, she refused to give up the extra space.

A woman caused a stir online when she declined a mother’s request to sit on an unoccupied seat beside her on a flight. She recounted the incident on the social media platform Reddit, detailing the encounter.

The woman reserved the seat next to hers to have more room, but she was surprised when a mother demanded that she give it up for her teenage daughter. However, she refused to give up the extra space.

In a post on Reddit, the woman insisted she had a valid reason for refusing to give up the empty seat, as she said she is “terrified of flying”.

She claimed the spare seat would allow her to stop feeling claustrophobic and give her the space to feel “panicky” without disturbing the person next to her.

The woman explained: “I recently had to fly across the US to deal with certain company matters. My company apologised profusely to me because I was terrified of flying, but seeing as it would have been a 25-hour drive, I obliged. For the trip, my company paid for my seat, but I decided to also reserve the seat next to mine.

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“Again, this is an anxiety issue. I would have fit just fine into my seat, but if I needed to vomit/started to get panicky, at the very least I wanted to have a buffer between myself and the next person.

“I had an aisle seat in a three-person row, and people were shuffling around changing their seats before take off. I do not know how it works, but apparently, people can occasionally just sit down wherever they want and the flight attendants don’t have to deal with it.

“The seating arrangement was me – open seat (mine) – teenage girl I would place around the seventh grade. Right before we started getting taxied, a middle-aged woman abruptly sat down in the middle seat and fist-bumped the teenage girl.”

The woman went on: “Immediately I told her that I had reserved that seat, and she started by being very considerate. She quietly told me she was getting away from a bad situation, and really wanted to sit next to her daughter. During this explanation, she repeatedly pointed out her daughter sitting next to her as if I would be a monster for depriving her of that seat. I stuck to my guns though and told her that I would get the cabin attendant if she didn’t go back to her seat several rows back in the middle.

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    “She called me on my bluff, so I flagged one down. He asked if I really needed the middle seat and I said yes. Then he politely asked the woman to move, which she did, but not before calling me a ‘d*******. Since she did this rather loudly, several people were clearly looking at me, and I couldn’t really read what they were thinking. I kind of feel bad about it now, and after arriving safely I wonder if I should have just given up the seat.”

    Since sharing the post back in 2021, it has over 500 comments to date – where people supported the woman for her decision.

    One person wrote: “I understood that by reserved, you paid for the seat. If you did you are not the a**hole. I don’t get why people don’t check seats before getting on the plane and choose with time how they are going to be seated, they feel entitled to bother everyone.”

    Someone else agreed: “Not the a**hole, and who cares what a bunch of strangers on a plane you will never see again think? You’ve done nothing wrong. None of them will give it a second thought the next day.”

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