Only the sharpest minds can crack this brainteaser and find the boy’s mum in 7 seconds

A brainteaser tasks people with identifying a youngster’s real mother using just one picture.

A mind-bending brainteaser asks challengers to find the boy’s real mother in fewer than 10 seconds.

People willing to test their mental mettle can attempt to suss out who the real mother of a young boy is using just one picture.

In a puzzle presented by Bright Side, people are presented with a simple graphic showing a boy playing with blocks and a ball.

The boy is crouched between two women, each sitting on a chair on each side and looking at one another.

People have only this simplistic picture to conclude which of the women is his mother and just seven seconds to do so.

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The brainteaser presents puzzle fans with a picture with what, on the surface, appear to be few visible differences, with both women looking similar to the small boy.

But the answer is more simple than it may initially appear, as the woman on the left is seen leaning slightly towards the child.

The detail reveals she is the boy’s mother, as parents are naturally more inclined to gravitate towards their children.

The woman on the other side is sitting upright and uninterested in the boy, and there are other clues that show she is likely not his mother.

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The lady on the left also shares her hair colour with the youngster, and the boy is facing her as he plays.

The puzzle is not easy, and anyone who solves it in seven seconds can claim an impressive victory.

While they don’t necessarily reflect intelligence, puzzles have been found to improve people’s mental function.


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    If the picture doesn’t satisfy their puzzling urges, people can pick from a selection of others has to offer.

    They can choose from tricky maths questions, puzzles for eagle-eyed readers, and optical illusions.

    Those not satisfied with just one picture can even try their luck with two, in a spot the difference challenge.

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