Tricky maths question aimed at six-year-olds leaves adults completely stumped

A mother has shared a photo of her daughter’s maths homework after the six year old was told she had answered a question incorrectly – and the mum is not happy with the ‘new’ way of teaching

A tricky maths question aimed at six year olds has left parents scratching their heads as they team up to work out the answer. The homework question was posted to a mum’s Facebook page with the instruction to fill in the missing numbers.

The woman said her daughter Summer did exactly that but was then told by her teacher that she was wrong. US mum Tiesha Sanders shared a photo of a page of her child’s year one math homework and the question required the child to fill in two boxes, one labelled “tens” and one labelled “ones” for the number ’27’.

The girl filled out the “tens” column with a two and the “ones” column with the number seven.

When the question was marked as wrong it left Tiesha confused and she contacted the child’s teacher for an explanation, writing on the homework sheet: “Hello, I just wanted to ask how Summer got #3 wrong? Her father and I were going over her mistakes and wanted to be sure we were on the right track.”

The teacher wrote back: “Hello this is the new math they have us teaching.” The teacher then drew a diagram of the correct answer, adding: “It wants her to know that having two tens and seven ones is the same as 27 ones.”

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The still-confused mum, who has been a primary school teacher for more than six years, shared in her post that she’d never seen this kind of question before.

“This new math is NOT it,” she added. Her post got 3,700 comments, and everyone agreed they could see why Tiesha was puzzled about the wrong mark.

One replied: “But if they have the box that labels ‘tens’ and ‘ones’ then only ask for the ‘ones’, how in the entire world is this math, mathing?” Another person chimed in saying: “The question sets them up to fail”.

And someone else thought the arrows should’ve been equal signs, so it’s clear everything is the same.

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