My daughter is fuming after I kicked her husband out for playing cruel salad prank

The Reddit user explained that the son-in-law was a prankster who had a history of deliberately bring the wrong food to group dinners.

A parent has said they kicked out their son-in-law after they didn’t bring the type of salad they asked for. Taking to Reddit, the user explained that they like to have family gatherings with a lot of food. However, in recent years they’ve been unable to cook due to age so they’ve been asking family to bring food over.

This is where the son-in-law became an issue. The user said the man was a prankster who would sign up to bring certain items and then bring alternatives.

They explained: “He is a prankster, and for the most part they are harmless if not annoying. I use to cook a tonne for get-togethers but I am getting old. Instead, when we have a dinner we do a potluck.

“We have a shared document where I list items that need to be brought. For example, salad, chicken dish, dessert and so on. People will put their names next to the items they are bringing.

“My daughter travels often so there have been multiple times where he will come alone. This is where issues arise. He will sign up for an item and then bring in a joke version. He signed up to bring a fish entree and brought in candy sushi…he claims he will bring in lasagna and it was a cake.”


    The parent later said the issue had become so acute that they and other members of the family had had to talk to him about not doing it, including her daughter.

    The user said: “It’s a problem since his lying makes it so we run out of entree food and now I have to cook more. It annoys other members also since they usually go home hungry. Really first time was funny and now it’s just f*****g annoying.”

    Eventually, a breaking point was reached when the son-in-law promised to bring around a salad and brought sweets instead. The parent explained: “I kicked him out and started making a salad for dinner. He is p****d, my daughter and him are calling me a j*** for kicking him out.”

    Following the user’s post, several members of the Reddit community were full of suggestions for what should happen next. One user advised: “Tell your daughter he is no longer welcome to come to family dinners unless she is there to accompany him and has personally checked their food contribution.

    “Tell her it isn’t funny when he leaves other people going hungry. And it isn’t a prank when he deliberately makes you do extra work at the last minute. He has proven himself untrustworthy and she clearly isn’t handling it.”

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