Only the sharpest eyes can find the hidden heart in under 11 seconds

The mind-boggling brainteaser will leave you looking for answers.

Solving brain teasers can effectively enhance cognitive function and enhance your brain’s capabilities. You can try various kinds of puzzles, each offering a chance to assess your observation, and problem-solving skills, and gain a new perspective.

The latest brainteaser shared by Wizzair will leave you scratching your head. A picture shared by the air carrier company shows the historic town of Budapest.

The European country is quite popular among tourists with its thermal bath. The brainteaser challenges the readers to spot the heart hidden in the city of Budapest.

It is believed that only those with the sharpest minds can find the heart in under 11 seconds.

So can you give it a try?

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    Don’t worry, we have circled the answer for you below. Have a look.

    Experts think that games are one of the activities that can keep the human mind entertained and focused.

    But what’s even more important is that games can help keep our brains active. This is especially crucial for older adults, particularly those who might be at risk of dementia.

    Researchers across the globe are trying to find ways to protect aging brains from dementia.

    Over the past decade, they have zeroed in on “brain training” — puzzles and games designed to improve cognitive skills — as one possible solution.

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