I want to get revenge on neighbours over their eye-sore fence – but husband won’t let me

The dramatic situation has left one woman on the edge – but she has devised the perfect plan to secretly make it all go away.

An angry mother has sought advice about whether to get one up on her annoying neighbours – despite her “dear husband” objecting to her naughty plans.

Posting on Mumsnet, the woman asked her fellow mums if she was “being unreasonable” amid a planning war with the people who lived next door. Describing the context, she said that they have “a fence that sits about 7cm from the neighbour’s wall”, adding that is a “huge wall which covers the entire length of their property – they never see into our side”.

She said she wanted to rip down the fence because it is “rotting and decrepit”, but unfortunately for her, the neighbours would “demand” a new fence if the old one goes.

She added they will want it to be at “shared cost”. To make matters worse, the potential replacement fence would have to be “new and very expensive”, simply to “protect their precious 7cm”.

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Nevertheless, the neighbours are allegedly in the process of selling the house and haven’t been living there for quite some time.

The poster has hatched an tremendously sneaky idea to rip down the rotten fence without telling anyone, in the hope that it would go unnoticed.

Sadly for the schemer, her “dear husband is totally against it – mainly because he’s timid and conflict averse”. She said she was “fuming”, explaining that if they did rip it down, “neither the existing owners nor new owners would ever know about the fence removal”.

Summing up the dilemma, she said it was a “golden opportunity to solve the fence problem forever”, adding that “the new owners are unlikely to be any more forgiving” as it’s just “that kind of area”.

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    Concluding the post with the fact she was “raging”, she seems to have support in the comments. One person bluntly said: “Take the fence down. If anyone wants one on their side of the boundary they are welcome to put one there.

    “You can allow them access from your side to do it as obviously they can’t do it from theirs. Who argues over 7cms?”

    Another said: “You can remove the fence any time you like and you are not obliged to replace it. I don’t understand why they would care about a fence that is behind their wall anyway, but that is besides the point”.

    What do you think she should do? Let us know in the comments.

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