Only those with eyes like a hawk can spot the hidden Euro ticket in 15 seconds

One in ten will not be able to solve this challenging puzzle whatsoever!

As excitement for the 2024 Euros tournament builds, why not demonstrate your puzzling prowess with this football-themed brainteaser? Fans hoping to get a real ticket for the world-famous competition have a challenge on their hands.

Since December, over 20 million tickets have been requested with prices as high as €1,000.

So, why not console yourself with a digital ticket, hidden in this brain-twisting image.

All you must do is discover the sneaky ticket lurking amongst the fans.

Now, it may seem simple, but it takes the average person a whole 41 seconds to hunt down!

Find the object in under 15 seconds and prove that you have eagle-eyes.

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The puzzle, developed by SeatPick, is certainly complex. You’ll see hordes of cheering fans, clutching colourful banners in all manner of sizes.

However, buried deep in the picture, is one lucky fan holding a coveted Euro ticket aloft.

Haven’t found it immediately? Don’t worry, you’ve got 41 seconds if you want to beat the average person.

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Keep looking, don’t give up! We promise, the ticket is yours to be found.

Are you getting any closer? We’ll give you a hint: the fortunate football fan has donned a brown shirt for the game…

Even managing to find the elusive ticket is an achievement. According to the puzzle’s creator, one in ten people admit defeat.

Want to find out if you got it right? Scroll down to reveal the answer…


    Brain teasers are an excellent way to keep your mind in shape – especially important as we get older.

    For one to satisfy your sporting passion, try this Luke Littler, darts-themed, spot-the-difference challenge.

    Itching for more puzzling fun? has got you covered. Click here for endless brain-teasers.


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