‘I was left sobbing at my gender reveal party over a prank from my mother-in-law’

A mother-in-law’s prank turned gender reveal party sour as daughter-in-law burst into sobs.

A mum-to-be has had her gender reveal party ruined by her mother-in-law’s trickery.

Relations with in-laws are always a little wobbly, characterised by awkwardness and petty disagreements. But these difficulties rarely cross the line from words to action, and usually leave all unharmed.

One mother-in-law, however, took family infighting too far when her cruel prank forced her pregnant daughter-in-law to flee her own gender reveal party in floods of tears.

In a seemingly kind fashion, the pregnant woman’s mother-in-law planned the entire gender reveal party, purchasing the confetti cannons for the reveal itself and agreeing to keep her grandchild’s gender under wraps.

Any good intentions, however, were ruined when she used phony cannons and misled her daughter-in-law regarding the gender of her baby.

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The upset mother-in-waiting took to Reddit to express her upset, and explained the importance of this pregnancy to her as she’d experienced four harrowing miscarriages previously.

Sharing the details of her family, she informed readers that she already had two children and was desperate for them to have a sibling, and that she wouldn’t mind either “keeping her boy mum crown” or having a baby girl.

Elaborating on the events of the disastrous party, she said: “We get to the cannons. Mother-in-law hands us both a cannon. Husband gets to go first and all I see is pink confetti, the sweetest surprise, my life with a daughter flashing in my mind.

“I’m hugging my husband, tears shed, I was shaking happy. I’m always very calm and collected when I’m excited. My mom is crying happy for me, this is the biggest best surprise I’ve ever had. I was fully expecting a third boy.”

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Confusion broke out when the mother-in-law’s popped her own cannon, which erupted in a burst of blue, revealing the child’s real gender. The pregnant woman wrote online: “I instantly regret my initial ecstatic response. Why are there both colours now? She then hands us the ‘real’ cannons, and they both pop blue.

“Of course, I can’t match my previous energy. I hugged my husband and people around me and excused myself. And I cried. And I haven’t really stopped for hours now. Don’t get me wrong, I am so incredibly thankful for the opportunity to have any children and I know health is number one.”

She added: “I had this space in time where my dream of a daughter came true and now I’m grieving that. I know I’ll love my son with all my heart and I am not upset he’s a boy at all, it’s just the rollercoaster broke my heart today.

“I feel like a jerk for being so upset but all this happened in front of an audience. I’m so embarrassed and this happy video taken of the reveal isn’t even real. It’s a moment in time I got my heart broken.”


    Online users were furious with the mother-in-law’s behaviour, and had nothing but sympathy for the distraught mother-to-be.

    One wrote: “”This is why I hate pranks. They are only for the entertainment of the prankster. I mean, who pranks a pregnant woman?”

    Another shared: “Who the hell thinks it’s a good idea to mess with the emotions of a pregnant woman? Seriously!” Another commented: “I’m really sorry you had to go through that, and with an audience to boot. Give yourself some credit, you handled it as gracefully as possible.”

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