Tesla driver screams in fear as car detects mysterious figures in graveyard

A Tesla driver and his passengers were left terrified when the car’s control screen detected what appeared to be several “ghosts”.

A spooky incident happened when a Tesla car seemed to detect mysterious figures in a graveyard at night.

The man driving, who wished to remain anonymous, was driving past a cemetery in Rhode Island, USA, when the figures reportedly appeared on his car’s control screen.

With his fiance and brother in the car, they all yelled out in shock as more and more figures popped up on the screen, according to the creeped out motorist.

He said: “[I can] confirm this is not an Easter egg Elon added as I’ve tried this many times.

“It’s not just picking up the gravestones as even if it was they would show as stationary on the screen.”

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Tesla is known for its brilliant electric vehicles, but what many may not know is that the automaker is also notorious for hiding fun Easter eggs in the cars. 

Some of the best hidden features include a tribute to Mario Kart’s Rainbow Road track. All drivers need to do to see the mini tesla on the infotainment screen drive down Rainbow Road instead of the regular asphalt is push the gear stalk down four times.

Another fun feature is when the car shows exactly 121 miles (or kilometres) the driver has an option to transform the entire app into a Back to the Future reference. A pop up message reading “Time Circuits on. Ensure plutonium fuel is inserted into reactor chamber” appears once the car reaches the special speed.

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