iPhone hack that guarantees you’ll never miss flight again

A TikTok user shared a video with social media users to show them the interesting hack for all travellers.

A former airline company worker has shared the little-known iPhone hack that guarantees you will never miss a flight again.

TikTok user @durbinmalonster shared a video on the social media platform, sharing her “number one flying hack”.

She urged travellers to send a text to themselves, friends, and family, with their flight number, which also includes the airline code.

The text message then becomes a link to all the information they need before flying.

The former airport employer said the hack meant she never had to look at a screen in the airport again.

In the video, she said: “Before taking a flight, you are going to text yourself the flight number. But the key is you have to include the airline code.

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“So if someone is going to pick you up, then share the text with that person. If you are going to take Uber, then send it to yourself.

“That text will become a link to everything you need to know about your flight and it will update real-time.

“If you have a connecting flight, just text yourself the code of both flights and you can have all the details.”

The video has been liked by over 2.5 million users with over 11,000 people commenting on the little-known hack.

Her video has been shared by over 57k users online with many cheering her for sharing it with the online community.

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    One user said: “This is absolutely mind blowing information.”

    Another user said: “I have never known this. This makes my Type A airport self so happy.”

    A third user said: “You are amazing for this.”

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