You have 20/20 vision if you can spot the Great Dane in less than 15 seconds

It’s thought you have impeccable vision if you’re able to spot this crafty canine hidden somewhere in the garden.

Hidden somewhere in this picture is a Great Dane, one of the tallest breeds of dog there is.

It’s thought you have impeccable vision if you’re able to spot this ingenious pooch in under 15 seconds.

Reddit user Living_david_aloca shared a snap of his back garden where he spotted his pet hiding in plain sight.

He threw down the gauntlet to his fellow social media users to “find the Great Dane” lurking somewhere outside.

A number of features in the garden make for great hiding spots, including flowerbeds, a mini palm tree and an outdoor table with a parasol.

Though you might not be able to catch sight of the devious doggo straight way, he is in there… somewhere.

Set a timer for 15 seconds and scan the image above for the crafty canine.

The Reddit user quipped that it can be “kind of scary if you don’t know” where the dog is.

One clue is that the Great Dane is white, which may make him easier to pick out.

Great Danes are big and imposing creatures, but his owner said the pup has a calm demeanour and silently watches from his favourite hideaway spot.

“He doesn’t even bark, he just stands there and observes,” he wrote.

Scroll down to find out where he was hiding!

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If he’s still eluding you, focus your attention on the hedge in the middle of the image.

If you zoom in, you’ll be able to make out the head of the Great Dane watching on from a neighbouring garden.

And if that proved to be too dog-gone difficult, we’ve got an array of other puzzles and games to keep you sharp.

Why not try another devilishly difficult brainteaser with an even shorter time limit, said to show whether you’ve got eyes like a hawk.

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