World War Two bunker found in graveyard – but people have questions

The bunker in Croatia is made up of labyrinth-like corridors and secret rooms – and some people are so impressed they can hardly believe what they see.

A man has found a hidden World War Two bunker underneath a grave yard, leaving history fans in awe.

Taking to Reddit, user PumpkinAutomatic5068 provided snapshots of the intriguing find to the subreddit r/Weird. The snap saw dozens of people flock to comment on the post.

“Huge WW2 Bunker disguised under a graveyard,” he captioned two pictures of the find.

However, some users thought the pictures were too impressive to be real and said they looked like something out of a video game. “This looks like a screenshot from Fallout,” one person wrote, in reference to the hit game set in a post-apocalyptic world, inspired by 1950s United States.

A second person agreed: “So this isn’t no video game?!” to which the original poster fired back simply: “Felt like one.”

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Huge WW2 Bunker disguised under a graveyard. (Video Below)
byu/PumpkinAutomatic5068 inWeird

The user also shared his adventures to YouTube on his channel, ‘Tattooed Traveler’. The 2022 video saw him delve deep inside the eerie Croatian war bunker, known as the Fratelli Croce, or Croce Brothers.

“If you’re wondering what I’m doing walking underneath a graveyard, it’s that I am walking into an Italian-built underground World War Two fortress,” he announced at the start of the video.

He then donned a head torch to navigate the maze-like hideout. He made his way through using a map, stumbling upon different rooms as he went.


    Stopping at each room, he spotted what he believed could have been artefacts from the war, as well as spotting signs other adventurers had paid a visit, too.

    Viewers were quick to react to the clip, with one commenting: “Fascinating, thanks for sharing this. My uncle’s brothers in battle buried there. Bless you for honouring them. I’ve subscribed too, and watching your full videos. I was a history major in college so always interested.”

    Another chimed in: “Amazing find! Thanks so much for sharing, I found it the other day and it was epic! ” A third added: “Another one of your very interesting explorations. Always enjoy them! “.

    Some viewers even shared their personal encounters with history. One said: “I worked in an old WW2 Nazi Barracks that had been converted. We asked about the indents in the walls in the hallways. They said it’s where they stored their guns outside the sleeping quarters.”

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