Man blows job interview in minutes after failing easy question

A man shared how he ruined his chances of getting a job in the first two minutes of his interview – and other people have shared their own awkward experiences.

Job interviews can often feel high-pressure and nerve-wracking, and it’s all too easy to misspeak in these situations.

We’ve all faced the butterflies of going into an interview at least once – despite meticulous preparations, responding to probing employer questions can be challenging without stumbling or reverting to scripted answers.

In these high-stakes settings, errors are not uncommon. Sadly, just one misstep could suffice for your name to be crossed off by the hiring manager, even if you fare well throughout the remainder of the encounter.

A man recently confessed that he fumbled his job interview within just two minutes, all owing to an innocent misunderstanding of a fairly typical question.

The hapless individual admitted on Reddit that upon being asked: “How did you get here today?”, instead of detailing his professional journey so far, he innocently responded: “By bus.”

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Writing in his post, he said: “I got a stone-cold stare as the realisation hit me… he meant in my career, not to the physical office. The remaining 58 minutes were just going through the motions.”

While it’s obvious that this particular applicant didn’t land the role, he was far from alone in committing a significant faux pas during an interview. His story then prompted over 1,000 Reddit users to share their own tales of interview disasters – including commentary from one who experienced a very similar blunder.

The commenter disclosed a cringe-worthy misunderstanding during a video call interview, admitting: “I still haven’t recovered from that.”

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What’s the earliest you’ve messed up a job interview?
byu/That_Comic_Who_Quit inUKJobs

They had mistaken the question “What’s your background” as an inquiry about their room’s decor rather than their professional experience.

Another individual shared a mortifying mix-up: “I was 18 and had applied to be a GP receptionist whilst trying to figure out what I wanted to do with life. I’d been plagued by spam calls in recent days, and I got a ‘no caller ID’ call and answered it with silence. There was also silence on the other end.”


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    “After about 10 seconds I say ‘So are you going to say something? What do you want? ‘ in an annoyed tone. Turns out it was the GP receptionist calling me to test my phone manner as a screening process. I didn’t get the job! “.

    Yet, there’s always a silver lining, as one commenter’s tale of a job interview gaffe turned triumph proves: “Not me, but a friend. They got asked ‘How’s your grammar? ‘ They HEARD ‘How’s your grandma? ‘. So they answered ‘She’s fine, thanks…’ in a very confused tone. Thankfully the interviewers laughed, and they got the job.”

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