Woman shares her ‘shameful girl dinner’ and people say it’s ‘barbaric’

A woman shared a picture of her dinner on social media, and it’s left people in shock. They can’t get over the confusing foodie fusion.

A woman left the internet in a frenzy after sharing a picture of her dinner.

The anoymous home cook shared a snap of the meal on Reddit – and it’s sent food fans into a spiral. It shows a tray piled with a bowl of pasta, a block of cheese, a packet of crisps, three tangerines and a chocolate bar.

As well as this, there seems to be some other nibbles that are too difficult to make out. It was shared alongside the caption: “One of my more shameful girl dinners”, and people simply can’t get over it.

The fusion of flavours has left people confused, and many wondered whether you can even class it as a meal. Some may claim it’s just a few snacks grouped together.

Whatever your thoughts on the matter, it’s got a lot of people talking, but dedicated foodies don’t appear impressed. It’s probably wise not to show the offering to Gordon Ramsay.

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More than 1,000 people offered their thoughts on the muddled meal – and the opinions keep coming in. It’s fair to say the creation ruffled a few feathers.

One person said: “This is barbaric. I also kinda want a bag of hotdogs to eat now though.” Another wrote: “Get these tangerines outta here! Vitamins got no business on this table.”

A third replied: “This looks like as if you didn’t have breakfast or lunch but are trying to make up for it with dinner.” Meanwhile, a fourth commented: “Who calls this a dinner? It’s like 3 pounds of snacks and carbs on a breakfast in bed platter.”

Others were quick to ask how many calories were in the meal, as it looks like more of a “feast” for one. People couldn’t get over how much food was on one plate, and they had many questions for the cook.

One of my more shameful girl dinners
byu/suspiciousguy inshittyfoodporn

However, as much as it may surprise people, some seemed keen to take on the platter of snacks. Social media users were particularly quick to express their love for cheese.

One person said: “My wife eats so much cheese. Just takes bites right out of a block of it. She probably eats at least 500 calories of cheese a day. Adds it to every meal except her breakfast cereal and has a few bites here and there or has slices with crackers. Cheese, cheese, cheese. So much cheese.”

Another wrote: “The giant piece of cheese on that plate really speaks to me.” A third replied: “Need more carbs on that plate.”

Meanwhile, one more noted: “It kind of just looks like a PMS meal, honestly. No judgment here, lol.”

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