Man gets ‘Sprite’ tattoo – but people spot hilarious problem

A man shared a snap of his tattoo that was inspired by a popular fizzy drink. The only snag is – people have spotted a big problem.

People have all sorts of weird and wonderful tattoos. When it comes to body art, the creative process is endless.

The only issue is, inkings can sometimes go wrong if you’re not super careful, which isn’t ideal when you’re stuck with something for life.

One bloke recently shared his tattoo fail on Reddit, and it’s left people in hysterics. He joked: “I love my Spite can and temporary tattoo. Dude not going deep enough on the ‘y’ wasn’t intentional, but it sure is appropriate haha.”

In the picture, you see a basic drawing of a can of Sprite, with the logo written in the middle. The only thing is – it’s been spelled completely wrong.

When you look closely, you’ll see the inking actually reads “Spite”. The blunder left many people chuckling – and more than 1,000 people have been talking about it online.

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One person admitted they “love” the quirky design, even though it’s “awful”. What’s more is, many people seemed to share the same thoughts as they found the situation absolutely hilarious.

“I don’t know man, I think the Spite can is pretty nifty,” another wrote. And a third chimed in with: ” That can of Spite has charm, though.”

A fourth wrote: “Actually kinda like the Spite one.” Meanwhile, another commented: “So terribly awesome.”

In the post, the man encouraged others to share their own “garbage” tatts – and people were only too happy to take part. It seems as though thousands of people have questionable inkings on their bodies.

Since they started sharing them, it’s got a lot of people talking. People have definitely been left tickled by some terrible tatts.

Posts from the shittytattoos
community on Reddit

When it came to the other funny inkings one person shared a “portrait of my grandpa”, which looked more like a kids drawing. Another shared an inking of a snail, and said: “I have several not garbage tattoos and it’s this little b******d that gets the most compliments.”

A third chirped in with: “A friend had been doing his own tats, but hadn’t done one on someone else so I let him do this since it was already sort of scribbled and so left room for error. I think he did well enough but its definitely a bit….grungey lol.”

One more said: “I’ve had this fat cat on my hip for at least 12 years now. I love him, he’s my fat cat from my childhood.”

What’s clear from the thread is, there have been a lot of quirky tatts over the years. Love them or hate them – some of them are super funny.

You may want to be careful before you go under the needle though as these stories show it’s all too easy for things to go wrong. Think before you ink!

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