Only those with a high IQ can crack this tricky brainteaser in 30 seconds

You have a high IQ if you can solve this mind-boggling brainteaser by spotting the hidden object in under 30 seconds.

A confusing new brainteaser has been created to test your eyesight and IQ, with only the smartest people able to spot it in under 30 seconds.

The optical illusion – a hair tie hidden amongst various brushes and combs – was created by Capital Hair and Beauty and is perfect to get you thinking.

The beauty supplier revealed it took most people 52 seconds to find the hidden hair tie, lost in a sea of haircare products, including combs, brushes, scissors, and spray bottles.

If you’re struggling, look for a navy blue and yellow hair tie, but be careful, it could be mistaken for something else, making the brainteaser even more mind-boggling.

Another hint is to look in the bottom middle section of the image and hopefully a blue and yellow circle jumps out at you.

If you managed to spot it in under 30 seconds, ideally without all the hints, you may have better eyesight than most.

The main three types of brainteasers are observational, analytical, and mathematical, and this one falls under the observational category.

Mathematical brainteasers, on the other hand, involve difficult equations that people must try to solve as quickly as possible.

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    The third type, analytical brainteasers, encourages users to solve written riddles, which can be just as tricky as the mathematical kind.

    All three are great ways to keep your mind and eyes sharp by testing yourself while also having a bit of fun.

    They can help maintain your brain’s health, which is a key factor in your risk of developing neurological conditions in the same way physical exercise can help your health.

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