Teen makes terrifying discovery in toilet and is urged to seek help

A teenager has been advised to seek help from a professional after making a harrowing discovery in her toilet bowl – and she said it won’t flush away

A teenager has been left horrified after making a grim discovery in her toilet.

The greenish-brown “root-like” find prompted her to take to Reddit where she asked others for help, claiming her parents had “dismissed” the mysterious object as nothing.

“PLEASE HELP!!! Weird thing in my toilet bowl,” she captioned two images posted to the social network.

She continued: “Hello plumbers of Reddit!! I (16F) [16-year old female] really really need help on determining what this thing in my toilet bowl is. Recently I’ve made a discovery where there’s this brown colored stringy root-like thing sticking in my toilet bowl that won’t go away no matter how many times I flush it.”

She said the unusual item was only visible “right after” the loo was flushed. “The first picture is how it looks like right after I flushed it,” she added. “The second picture is how it looks when I used a hose to spray water onto it. It looks like a bunch of string that just flows out which is a bit disgusting. I would like to know if it’s some kind of fungi or residue or anything of the sort.”

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PLEASE HELP!!! Weird thing in my toilet bowl
byu/Snoo10280 inPlumbing

Those with more expereince in plumbing were quick to respond, with many pointing out that it looked like some sort of plant was invading her bathroom.

“Tree roots or mushrooms,” one Reddit user said in repsonse. “Neither is great. How old is your house? Either way, this isn’t a non-issue. Your parents need to do something about it.”

A second person agreed: “Tree roots my first thought also. Is there a large tree directly adjacent to your house? How old is your house? If old enough, there may be cast iron plumbing pipes below the slab that have been disrupted and broken by tree roots. Or concrete slab settling has broken the pipes causing the tree roots to seek out the water source.”

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    They continued: “If you run out side and smell the tree’s breath, and it smells like s***, then one of those two examples above may apply. Ok not true. I just made that last part up. But the rest is a logical assumption.”

    A third added: “Absolutely this [is roots]. The first place to start is to pull the toilet and see if the roots are coming from under the floor or within the sewer line. I’ve seen both happen before.”

    And a fourth person simply expressed: “It’s tree roots.”

    According to British firm Drain Flow Ltd, tree and large shrub roots “naturally extend sideways in search of moisture and nutrients within the soil”. The company goes on to warn: “This lateral growth often leads these roots into contact with drain and sewer pipes. When the pipes develop leaks, these opportunistic tree roots seize the chance to infiltrate.

    “Once a root gains access and enlarges these existing cracks, it creates an ideal environment for swift expansion both around and inside the pipe. Over time, this unchecked growth can cause substantial damage to your drainage system.”

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