Man mortified after finding ‘absolute unit’ of a slug

A man was left horrified after coming home from the pub to find a huge slug on his window sill – with some saying it looks like a banana.

A man has been jokingly advised to summon the Ghostbusters or “burn the house down” after he came back from a night out to discover an enormous slug in his residence.

The image of the gargantuan gastropod, posted on Reddit’s CasualUK subreddit, initially had some users mistaking it for a banana due to its impressive size. The creature was found lounging on a window sill, leaving a shiny trail on the glass, prompting the poster to write: “Absolute unit of a lad waiting for me after I came home from the pictures tonight.”

The post sparked a flurry of comments, with several Reddit users recommending the man set his cat on the intruder and scatter salt as a preventive measure. However, the homeowner replied: “Naww, he wasn’t doing no harm! Live and let live!”

Other users chimed in with tales of their own slimy encounters and shared advice on how to handle such situations. One recounted: “I came home one Christmas Eve and saw something like this on my doorstep. I picked it up and threw it as far as I could down the garden.”

Another lamented: “These horrible buggers keep turning up on my kitchen floor, have to always remember to turn the light on if I go down in the night so I never have to experience stepping on one again. Absolutely no idea how they are getting in though?!”

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Absolute Unit of a lad waiting for me after I came home from the pictures tonight
byu/firetruck12345 inCasualUK

A third quipped: “F*** me, you need to call the Ghostbusters for that.”

Meanwhile, a fourth person shared her own horror story: “Absolutely hate those things. Left a book on my living room floor one night and came down in the morning to find it had eaten part of the cover. I can’t get rid of the buggers and I feel like I’ve tried everything.”

And a fifth chimed in with revulsion: “Burn the house down. Seriously, I’m gonna have nightmares, give me a plague of spiders before slugs.”

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    As debate continued on the platform over the creature’s species with some suggesting it was a Leopard Slug due to its spotted appearance, a slug enthusiast clarified: “It’s a Green Cellar Slug. Leopard Slugs are greyish-brown and black in colour. Cellar Slugs are harmless to plants in the garden but they love to come into houses if they can find a way in.”

    Earlier this week, Melanie Horsey, a gardener from John Horsey Horticulture, advised one of the easiest ways to keep slugs, snails and other slimy pests away is to make a simple beer trap.

    She said: “This is a great tip for protecting your plants from the terror of those slugs and snails decimating all your hard work. A beer trap for slugs and snails is ecologically friendly and it does work. Indeed there is a certain schadenfreude in counting out your haul the next morning.”

    Melaine said: “The main point is the lip of the cup must be about two centimetres above the ground. Slugs and snails will climb over the lip. If the container is flush at ground level, your friendly beetles, toads, newts etc. would be caught too and that would be a shame.”


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