You have a high IQ if you can solve this sporty brainteaser in under 30 seconds

On average, it takes 30 seconds to solve this entertaining puzzle, so if you managed to beat that, you’re likely more observant than most.

A new sporty brainteaser has been created that nearly 20 percent of people gave up on entirely, leaving only the smartest to complete it in under 30 seconds.

With the Euro 2024 provisional squad recently announced, anticipation is growing as England is positioned as the top contender to take home the trophy.

With this in mind, Ticketgum have created an exciting brain teaser for fans to find the elusive sports mascot, a bee, that has sneaked into the middle of an exciting match, leaving even the most eagle-eyed individuals wondering where it is.

If you’re struggling, the handy solution is just below, but a clue is to look into the stands where the people are cheering and waving flags.

The colours of the mascot costume blend into the background, making the brainteaser even more difficult, forcing many participants to give up altogether.

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On average it takes 30 seconds to solve this entertaining puzzle, so if you managed to beat that, you’re likely more observant than most.

You’ll also make it into the top 20 percent of respondents just for completing the brainteaser, as one in five admitted to giving up on the task completely.

The fun football-themed puzzle was created as the buzz around the incoming Euro 2024 competition heightens. Despite narrowly missing out in the last European Championship, England now boasts the highest winning odds.

Players will take to the field in Germany, three-time winners, in a few weeks to mark the start of the tournament, with England’s first game against Serbia on June 16.

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    According to odds via BetMGM, England are the favourites to win this year, which would be their first ever Euro title after coming in second place to Italy in 2020.

    The American odds place England winning the competition at +275, meaning if you place a £10 bet on it, you’ll recieve £27.50 in profit.

    The final is set for July 14 in Berlin’s Olympiastadion, with fans waiting excitedly to find out if England will make it as far as last time, or go one step further and secure victory.

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