McDonald’s workers save ‘secret’ menu items for special customers

McDonald’s workers have shared the ‘secret’ menu items they make for themselves and their friends, from a delicious burger to an extra-strong coffee.

McDonald’s staff have unveiled ‘secret menu items’ that could threaten to topple your favourite fast food staples.

Taking to Reddit, users keen to discover more about these covert culinary creations had turned to the McDonald’sEmployees thread for enlightenment. In one such revelation, a McDonald’s worker confessed: “I always make myself a McDouble Only lettuce, Mac sauce, And cheese (of course), And one strip of bacon.”

Another insider offered some economical advice: “Sausage muffin on the value menu is cheaper than a sausage patty at my store. They took down the triple stack muffin/griddle/biscuit because of price problems. But if you make a sausage egg McMuffin and a sausage McMuffin with no muffin, add bacon – it’s the cheapest alternative.”

A third employee disclosed a coworker’s ingenious creation by stating: “My coworker makes what he calls Big Chicken. It’s a Big Mac but with crispy chicken patties and mayo instead of 10-1 meat and Mac sauce.”

Another employee added: “McChicken add pickles, Big Mac sauce, and two strips of bacon. It’s amazing! “.

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There also came a culinary bombshell from a fifth worker who revealed how their palette was revolutionised, saying: “I never would’ve found out about spicy pepper sauce and crinkle cut pickles, if it wasn’t for a co-worker of mine who happens to be a chef, as he made his master sandwich with some other bun, crinkle cut pickles, spicy pepper sauce, and I don’t know what else he added to his McChicken.

“Oof thank the universe, a fine chef was sent to our store.”

However, when it comes to beverages, another employee swears by a “green tea red Fruitopia”. They revealed: “During overnights, I love making myself a little green tea red Fruitopia drink.

Workers of McDonalds, tell me about your best secret creation menu items.
byu/angrydrunkencanadian inMcDonaldsEmployees Trending

    “I basically take a large clear cup, fill just the bottom with boiling water, add two green tea bags, and let it sit for a few minutes, then I fill the rest of the cup with red Fruitopia. I also like making a vanilla chai frappe with Oreo bits mixed in.”

    Another worker shared their favourite concoction: “Caramel frap with two espresso shots.”

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