More ‘UFOs’ expected to be spotted on Christmas Day after ‘uptick’

You’re more likely to spot signs of extraterrestrial activity on Christmas Day than you are any other time of the year, according to multiple UFO experts.UFO Hearings: Flying object reported at Vandenberg base in 2003

It has been a big few years for UFOs, with hearings and testimonies about extraterrestrials happening around the world.

In the US, a congressional hearing saw a world first when lawmakers gathered to hear evidence for decades of unaccounted-for flying objects.

Further south, in Mexico, a similar event was held, this time with what was purported to be ‘real-life’ alien bodies being presented to the room, though widespread scepticism has largely played down any significance of this.

People spot UFOs and extraterrestrial life fairly regularly, with some having even committed their entire lives to the pursuit of proving their existence.

And, according to one expert, there is one day that trumps all others when it comes to the odds of spotting an alien whizzing around: Christmas Day.

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“We do have a slight uptick twice a year in the summer and around the holidays,” Ron James of Mutual UFO Network, told The Daily Beast ahead of Christmas last year.

“There are a few reasons why people might be paying more attention: they might be off work, they’re doing family activities and things they don’t normally do, so there’s more possibilities for people to encounter things. Then of course, there’s always Santa Claus and the reindeer.

“If there is an uptick, I can understand that because there’s a lot of people out during Christmas time shopping and doing things. They might be looking up in the air so I can understand it if there is.”

Research carried out by Ufology reported a “significant” increase on Christmas Day with 75 reported cases over 2021 alone.

Chris Rutkowski, of Ufology, said: “Most were simply lights in the sky, and yes, some were of a single red light flying overhead followed by a string of others.”

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Sightings of UFOs around the holiday period can be found to stretch back to 1965.

It isn’t only those down here on Earth who claim to have spotted odd things in the night sky, either.

Wally Schirra Jr., who was aboard the Gemini VI spacecraft orbiting Earth, previously said that he saw an “object” heading from north to south entering and re-entering the atmosphere.

“We have an object, looks like a satellite going from north to south, probably in polar orbit. Looks like he might be going to re-enter soon […] You just might let me pick up that thing,” he wrote while on the spaceship in 1965.

Thomas Stafford, who was also on Gemini VI, said: “I see a command module and eight smaller modules in front. The pilot of the command module is wearing a red suit.”


    Of course, that pilot in a red suit was none other than Father Christmas, and no sooner had the pilots reported their sightings had Mr Schirra Jr begun playing ‘Jingle Bells’ on his harmonica, much to the control room’s delight.

    This doesn’t take away the fact that there is an increase in UFO sightings each festive period, with UFO Reporting Centre technical director Christian Stepien explaining that twice a year, his company sees a “slight uptick” in potential sightings.

    It could be explained by fireworks that aren’t ordinarily seen elsewhere during the year, or even because of Christmas lights.

    Mr James, from Mutual UFO Network, added: “My feeling is that there’s not that there’s an actual increase in phenomenon occurring. It’s more that there’s more people in a position to see and experience things that might already be there pretty much consistently.”

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