You have 20/20 vision if you can spot the five hidden turkeys in under 15 seconds

Only those with 20/20 vision can solve this fastidiously tricky brainteaser and find the five turkeys in under 15 seconds.

While Christmas Day is one of the most intense and busy times of the year, there are some quiet moments between the present opening and the inevitable feast at the end of the afternoon.

These quiet moments are the perfect time to do a brainteaser or two to help keep the mind sharp even over the festive period. One example of a great festive brainteaser is this one from Stay In Cornwall where you have to find all five turkeys within the time limit.

According to the creators behind the brainteaser, it takes people on average around three minutes and 32 seconds to complete it – but for an extra tough challenge, why not set yourself the task of locating them all in less than just 15 seconds!


    Did you find all the turkeys? No worries if not, the answers are above in purple circles dotted around the house and on Santa’s sleigh.

    Another turkey is in the central room on the top floor of the house underneath the Christmas tree, while a third turkey is in the room to the left on a wardrobe. The fourth and fifth turkeys are in the two rooms directly below sitting on top of other pieces of furniture.

    Speaking about the brainteaser when it was released, marketing director James Starkey said: “This brainteaser has had all of us scratching our heads right from the start, mainly because it’s deceptively tricky.”

    What’s more, the brainteaser has caused consternation for several users. One person wrote: “This is so tricky!” Another person said: “It’s much harder than it looks!” A third wrote: “This looks like my house on Christmas morning.”

    Although some brainteasers can be incredibly tricky, they act as a great exercise for the brain and could help keep it sharper for longer.

    For some more festive fun, why not prove you have one of the sharpest minds by finding the hidden snowman in under 13 seconds in this tricky brainteaser. Meanwhile the UK’s national spy agency GCHQ has released a tough new Christmas quiz – but only 40 percent of people are getting it right. Have a go here.

    For something a little bit different, try out this optical illusion which apparently tells you with accuracy whether you’re too trusting or too ambitious. To try out more of our brainteasers, click here.

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