‘My neighbours walls are so thin I hear every time they use the microwave – but they blame

Tensions are rising between two neighbours who live in a semi-detached property with the “loudest” resident making the most complaints.

A homeowner has shared her frustration over the behaviour of her neighbours who “knock on her door to tell her to keep the noise down”, despite them being a louder household.

They live in a semi-detached home, but the walls are thin – the disgruntled writer said on Reddit how thin the walls of the house are, causing trouble between the neighbours.

The homeowner said her property had been vacant for two years prior to her moving in – and since getting settled she can hear next door’s microwave ping, the sound of running water – and full blown arguments.

The person wrote: “When I moved in, during the first week I moved in, in the day they came round to complain that my TV was too loud, so then I turned it down. I’ve tried to be more quiet, but I can regularly hear them arguing in the day.

“They mentioned they like to go to bed at 10pm and would like me to be quiet after this time, but I often like to watch TV until midnight sometimes of a weekend.

“Last night I had two friends round and we was having a couple of drinks but didn’t have music or TV on or anything like that and they came round at 2am to tell us to be more quiet.

“I feel like I can’t enjoy my own home for fear of upsetting my neighbours. I have never complained to them once and I think if they are more bothered by noise than me they should pay to get soundproofing fitted on their house or I should just ignore them.”

The post on Reddit has over 250 comments with people suggesting ways to deal with the situation.

One person commented: “Personally I feel that in the situation you are in, no music or TV after 10 is a reasonable ask from them. Can you use headphones to watch after that time. I think they were u to ask you to stop talking after 10. I think to keep the peace I’d go over and say that you had no intention to disturb them but that you are often able to hear their conversations too.”

A second user said: “no tv and music after 10pm ?! Really, it’s your own home and unless you are partying or playing the drums they should mind their own and buy ear plugs.

“I would tell them that you hear them arguing each day and have never asked them to be quiet. I think you have to front it and tell that back off- or you’re not going to be able to live like this. If they want soundproofing they can buy it too… seeing as the issues are theirs really.”

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